Vatican Museums Tours: which one to choose?

Vatican City treasures extraordinary and priceless works of art. Would you like to discover, admire and know them?

At Unconventional Rome Tours, we organize guided tours, both private and small groups, that give the chance to visit the amazing Vatican Museums and appreciate its rare beauty.

Thanks to our licensed guide, you will have the opportunity to discover these marvels and enter with skip-the-line. Enjoy the Vatican Museums Tour, admire frescoes and amazing statues, discover the secrets of the Sistine Chapel and the stories linked to the St. Peter Basilica masterfully told by the narrating guide. A chance not to be missed!

Vatican Museums Tour: Sistine Chapel and St. Peter Basilica

The Vatican has always been one of the most fascinating and interesting places in the world that deserves to be visited and discovered.

Thanks to the presence of our expert guide you will have the opportunity to discover the most important places and works without forgetting the less known details that tourists are used to miss.

You will be given useful information to understand the historical-political events that contributed to the foundation of the Vatican City and the architectural characteristics of its buildings.

Our Vatican Museums Guided Tour will lead you beyond gold, opulence and majesty to unveil the rich history of tales linked to those tricks and vicissitudes that concerned the Church throughout the centuries: you will learn about the events, rules of power but obviously also about the ethereal beauty of one of the most significant creations of Renaissance – the Sistine Chapel – as well as the magnificence of St. Peter Basilica. Pleasant discoveries are waiting for you!

With our tour, you will have the possibility to discover one of the most important sites of Christianity and visit the many galleries of the Vatican Museums: the Gallery of geographic maps, the Gallery of Candelabra, the Gallery of Tapestries and the sumptuous Raphael’s Rooms. You will also have the chance to admire the magnificent Belvedere Courtyard with marble works like the Augustus Statue.

You will also visit the museum of Pio-Clementino and the Octagonal courtyard where you will find important collections belonging to the Roman and Greek era like the famous Laocoonte.

The Vatican Museums Tour continues with the visit inside the Sistine Chapel and its emblematic ceiling, absolute masterpiece of Michelangelo, divided into nine scenes inspired to the stories of Genesis and representing moments of the world creation like the separation of light from darkness, the creation of stars and the birth of Adam and Eve.

Among these moments represented on the chapel, the most significant are definitely the Creation of Adam, portraying God in the exact moment of the creation of Adam: their fingers seem to touch right when the man discovers life. Or the famous Universal Judgement on the altar. It took more than 4 years for its creation.

The tour ends with the guided tour inside the St. Peter Basilica where you will have the chance of admiring the famous and appreciated works all over the world. Works like the magnificent Pietas of Michelangelo, the Bernini’s Canopy and the Sancti Petri Cathedra, just to cite some examples.

How to book the guided tour of the Vatican Museums

Our guided tour of the Vatican Museums lasts 3 hours. It costs €387 for an individual visit with a reduction based on the number of participants.

Contact us now for more information or to book your itinerary. At Unconventional Rome Tours, we are proud to offer you the best support possible, which is what characterizes us.

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