Guided Tour in Rome with actors

Unconventional Rome Tours introduces a definitely innovative formula dedicated to the most interesting and fascinating itineraries at the discovery of the “Eternal City”.

Rome guided tours with actors to show the many aspects of the capital thanks to historical characters that throughout the years have contributed to make it extraordinarily famous and well-known all around the world, for its history, culture and art.

Here is how the typical guided tours of Rome come alive and make every single participant a true protagonist of this exciting and thrilling adventure.

The most famous stories linked to the Capital come alive thanks to professional actors able to involve the audience. You won’t be a simple spectator: you will become part of the history of Rome and live it in first person.

What are the guided tours with actors in Rome?

Unconventional Rome Tours is the only touristic organization able to offer such an engaging experience to make you an integral part of the guided tour and not only a simple participant.

cast of actors in costume, together with an expert guide, will unveil you all the secrets linked to the most famous characters of the past. Actors reinvent the history of the most famous works of arts and monuments by performing figures like Nero and Julius Caesar, from Caravaggio, Bernini and Michelangelo to the Borgias and the most famous Popes they make this didactic and educative guided tour even more engaging and evocative thanks to the “theatrical performance” promoting its “pathos”. The guide and the actors will lead you through the most significant and evocative sites of the Eternal City and they will turn a simple touristic experience into something absolutely memorable and unique.

How do theatrical guided tours develop?

Are you ready to start the most thrilling adventure of your life with Unconventional Rome Tours? With our guided tours with actors you will have the opportunity to embark for a travel back in time to live the splendor of Rome. Our expert guide will lead you at the discovery of the most fascinating and well-known sites like the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Pantheon and Navona Square. There is only one recommendation to make: watch out and be extremely careful because along the way you will have the pleasure and the “privilege” to meet the most important historical figures of Rome: emperors Nero and Julius Caesar, Borgias, Borromini, Bernini, Caravaggio are only few examples.

Our engaging tour is the occasion to live Rome just like Romans love to do. During the tour in fact, you will meet the protagonists of the history of Rome that will talk about themselves, obviously in costume, and will make you integral part of the narration and the guided tour.

Itineraries with actors: here are the main tours

Travel back in time at the discovery of “Rome Eternal City” and get ready to meet those characters that effectively determined the history of the Capital – performed by our actors in costume and original and engaging plots.

Our guided tours with actors in Rome aim at the unveiling of precious historical and cultural treasures like the Spanish Steps with their typical XVIII-century atmosphere, the Pantheon with Raphael’s grave, the beauty of Navona Square and the Four Rivers Fountain, but also the unmissable and marvelous Trevi Fountain, explained in a dynamic and absorbing way to make your tour even more involving. A unique experience that goes beyond the simple guided tour.

Not to be missed are also the guided tours with actors dedicated to the Colosseum – a monument appreciated all over the world – and the Imperial Fora. Last but not least, the guided tour dedicated to the dynasty of Borgias, an itinerary that goes from Farnese Square to Sant’Angelo Bridge, dedicated to the secrets that have accompanied the family throughout the centuries and those places that have been more significant for the family.

How to book the tours with actors

Unconventional Rome Tours has been organizing guided tours in Rome with actors for small groups of maximum 15 people. Each itinerary has an overall duration of 2 hours and it takes place on May, June, July, August, September and October for small groups and all over the year for private groups. Ask for information now and book your guided tour with actors. We are sure that it will represent a unique and unforgettable experience.

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