Wine tour: at the discovery of the best Italian wine

Would you like to taste the best Italian wine in the enchanting location of the Eternal City? Unconventional Rome Tours invites you to discover the Wine Tour, the itinerary dedicated to wine that will allow you to taste some of the most renown wines of the country in the splendid atmosphere of the energic Campo de’ Fiori.

At Unconventional Rome Tours, we offer you a professional personal sommelier that will lead you at the discovery of the Italian wine World. You will have the chance to delight your palate sipping different types of wine, always accompanied by flavorful finger food in a famous gourmet Michelin restaurant. Get ready to explore the magic creation inside a glass of wine: your palate will definitely appreciate!

Italian Wine Tour in Rome

Wine Tour is the itinerary dedicated to the Italian wine that Unconventional Rome Tours proposes to you, lover of the so-called “nectar of the gods” that has been delighting the most demanding palates throughout the centuries with its fresh taste, always different and absolutely pleasant.

Whit our wine-dedicated tour, you will discover the Italian enogastronomic culture thanks to wine and delicious appetizers. For the whole duration of the itinerary, around 2 hours, you will be accompanied by our expert guide/sommelier from Campo Marzio to Campo de’ Fiori. He will explain you all the characteristics of the many wines that will be introduced during the tastings.

Wine has ancient roots: always considered a symbolic drink – also from religious point of view – it has always been associated to the concept of conviviality, lightheartedness and joy. The same feelings animating Rome today taking inspiration from Bacchus’ worship and traditional Bacchanal traditions, peculiar of the Roman epoch.

Today, after centuries wine still accompanies our meals completing also the most famous, traditional and innovative dishes, delighting the palate with a characteristic and unmistakable taste.

Our Wine Tour, for small or private groups, offers the tasting of 5 different Italian wines: you will start with a delicious Prosecco, a perfect happy hour in a local bar in the lively and exciting atmosphere characterizing Campo de’ Fiori. Then, you will enter a small but cozy enoteca: an elegant and refined wine bar where you can still enjoy the taste of conviviality. You will sip a glass of Frascati Doc, a dry white wine beloved for its intense and characteristic tasting, produced from wine varietals Malvasia Bianca di Candia and/or Malvasia del Lazio.

The tour will continue with the tasting of other red and white wines combined with delicious finger food in a gourmet restaurant awarded with the prestigious Michelin stars: a unique experience, designed by enogastronomic itineraries lovers that don’t want to give up on good food and the delicious “nectar of the gods”.

You will end your Italian Wine Tour by tasting an excellent straw wine, result of the fermentation of grapes naturally subject to exsiccation – a process able to considerably enhance its taste: the perfect wine to conclude the event because with its marked sweetness it represents the perfect balance between taste and equilibrium, between intensity and sweetness given by the characteristic sweet and engaging taste.

The Wine Tour represents the perfect tour for all those who are longing to know more the history of wine, to appreciate all those peculiarities contributing to make it one of the more beloved drinks worldwide.

Unconventional Rome Tours provides two kinds of itineraries, both for small and private groups. The duration of the tour in both cases is about 2 hours. The private tour is available throughout all the year. Small groups instead are only available from May to October for a maximum of 20 people.

The rate for the private tour is €406; while for small groups it is € 95. Book now your Wine Tour or ask more information. Here at Unconventional Rome Tours, we are pleased to meet all your needs with competency and professionality, together with the natural helpfulness characterizing our agency.

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