Rome Underground Tour: the enchantment of Roman underground

Each city, including the Capital, hides a real treasure in its underground, under the surface: Rome itself guards incredible treasures, the perfect evidence of what can be seen in the sunlight. However, this magnificence is often unknown for the majority of people, not only tourists and visitors, but also for the inhabitants that daily walk through the alleys of the city. Here at Unconventional Rome Tours, we have thought of this itinerary for private or small groups. The Rome Underground Tour is designed to make you discover and admire all the “precious gems” that, throughout the centuries, have made the Eternal City unique.

You will have the chance of enjoying a unique experience at the discovery of the most hidden corners of Rome through an underground itinerary led by a professional guide. During the 3-hour tour, the guide will show you the most ancient beauties of the Capital, still perfectly preserved from time. You will visit the ancient stadium built by emperor Domitian, under Navona Square; you will walk through the ancient area below the Trevi Fountain admiring the ruins of that ancient society characterizing history with its ancient beauties. This tour will take your breath away, you will admire the majesty of the Spanish Steps and the impressiveness of Pantheon. An opportunity you cannot miss to appreciate the history of the Eternal City at 360°.

The magnificence of Rome Underground

Here at Unconventional Rome Tours, thanks to our Rome Underground Tour, we offer you the possibility to admire Rome from a completely different and unusual perspective – which is different from the one tourists are used to. The itinerary starts right in Navona Square at the discovery of the Domitian Stadium, commissioned by the emperor Titus Flavius Domitian and used mostly during athletic competitions. It definitely deserves to be admired. In the history of Ancient Rome in fact, it represents the first and only example of stadium realized in concrete. It aimed at celebrating the Certamen Capitolino Iovi, a 5-year competition established in the occasion of its inauguration in 86 A.D. to imitate the Olympic games.

Nevertheless, the stadium was built with the aim of bringing to Rome those Greek athletic games that were so appreciated by the emperor Domitian. A love that Romans didn’t’ share. At that times in fact, they believed that these games were immoral and not so masculine because they were not violent and harsh – mainly due to the heterogeneous character of the sportive and artistic competitions proposed. Then, you will go back up to the surface and you will reach the Pantheon, a temple dedicated to all roman gods. From there, you will reach the temple of Adrian where below the pavement level you will see the remains of the ancient roman street, still perfectly preserve and dating back to centuries ago.

The itinerary dedicated to the Roman underground, Rome Underground Tours continues then to the famous Trevi Fountain. There, just like the tradition imposes, you will throw a coin in the water wishing for your desire to come true. Once you go through Piazza Trevi, you will reach the Vicus Caprarius, a site that emerged during the restoration of the Trevi Cinema. The area is placed right below the fountain and below the complex dating back to imperial era, representing today a significant evidence of the urbanistic footprint of ancient Rome.

The also-called “City of Water”, the Vicus Caprarius shows still today the imponent structure of the Aqueduct Virgin and the residential areas contributing to the uniqueness of this tour in the archeological area. You will have the chance to discover the area that once was just a swamp reclaimed to permit the works of the Aqua Virgo aqueduct during the Agrippa’s times. Aqueduct that still today powers the fountains of the historic center, incusing the Trevi Fountain.

How to book the Rome Underground Tour

At Unconventional Rome Tours, we offer you tours for small and private groups. Rome Underground Tour is available for private groups throughout all the year. The price starts from €363 and it can include a maximum of 40 participants. Small groups instead are available from April to October, they can include a maximum of 15 visitors and the rate is € 39 for adult and €24 for children. Both itineraries have a duration of 3 hours. If you want to discover the beauties of Roman Underground, book your itinerary now or ask for more information. Unconventional Rome Tours is ready to offer you professionality and competence and to lead you through the wonders of Rome Capital.

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