The Amalfi coast, a journey across one of the most beautiful coasts of Italy

The Amalfi Coast undoubtedly represents one of the most characteristic Italian coast traits of southern landscape: coasts perched over the sea, calettas and sea stacks characterized by crystal clear waters, colored houses make this natural context even more pleasant, representing one of the everlasting excellence touristic destinations.

Nevertheless, to complete this significant panoramic patrimony, the history and local culture offer architectural beauties that deserve to be visited: the towns represent a true touristic center that have always been considered unique in the world, also thanks to its  typical morphology.

Ideal destination for each type of stay, the Amalfi Coast represents without any doubt a scenario to be discovered.

The beauty of Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is an extraordinarily fascinating territory: here the land meets the sea and creates small beaches and calettas far from indiscrete eyes, intimate and welcoming.  

The route connecting the entire coast is situated among cliffs and crags, where the typical pastel-colors seem to grab the rocks.

It offers an absolutely incomparable panorama where beauty melts with human knowledge and is able to turn what is an objectively “simple” landscape into an incomparable painting.

Sorrento: a city rich of history

Sorrento is a city rich of history where green and typical gardens are king. The city, cradle of millennial cultures has always been the place of Greeks and Romans’ accomplishments as well as Normans’ and Aragoneses’.

Today it still represents a privileged destination for tourism, thanks to which year after year it has been able to find the right combination between culture and the typical southern welcoming spirit.

Among the most typical attractions of Sorrento, not to be missed is the Museum Correale, where works of art and remains of the Roman-Greek culture are preserved.

The central square of Sorrento is the perfect destination to admire the breathtaking show of the balcony on the sea cliffs and the small ports where small boats to Capri, Ischia and Procida leave.

Positano and Amalfi

Positano, traditional city of fishmen, today represents the shopping center: here there are not only luxury boutiques; but also, small shops dedicated to the local artisanry able to provide the place with a welcoming atmosphere based on bon ton. 

Amalfi instead, since the IX century has been representing one of the most important harbors of the peninsula, to the point to be considered a rival of Genoa, Pisa and Venice and to be included in the four Maritime Republics.

In 1997, it was declared Unesco World Humanity Heritage, preserving the typical traits of its millennial history and the twine of different cultures that have crossed the Mediterranean throughout centuries.

Worth visiting is definitely the characteristic Amalfi Duomo, exalting the territory’s splendor also thanks to the original Sicilian Arab style and the Roman, Baroque and Rococo traits introduced by the many restorations carried out throughout centuries.

The main place of worship of the area for tourists coming from all over the world is dedicated to St. Andrea and right in front of it, it is possible to admire the St. Andrea Fountain, restored in 2018 and brought back to its original charm. Today, it is considered the “fountain of people”, depicting the saint protector with the martyr cross.

The hamlets of Maiori and Minori

When travelling to the Amalfi Coast it is impossible not to visit Maiori and Minori, the perfect places for lovers of wide beaches and suggestive seafronts.

Two precious “coast pearls” where extraordinary natural landscapes and enogastronomic traditions are mixed. The beach of Maiori, one of the widest seashores of the Amalfi Coast, the Sulfurous Grotto and Pandora Grotto – both reachable only by sea – are three true “gems” that cannot be disregarded.

Capri, Ischia and Procida

Capri, Ischia and Procida have always been the jewels of the gulf of Naples. Capri shows high cliffs perching over the sea on a crystal-clear sea: the marvelous local grottos are unmissable: White Grotto, Green Grotto, Blue Grotto.

In Ischia the main attraction, and symbol of the isle is definitely the famous Aragonese Castle, the ancient defense bastion built for the first time by Greeks in 474 BC and fortified later on by Alfonso of Aragon in the XV century.

In the carved rock gallery, still today it is possible to admire those that were once the embrasures from which they throwed boiling oil and stones to defend themselves from enemies. Also the Immacolata Church, the Assunta Cathedral with the crypt and the Clarisse Convent represent exclusive touristic destinations, both for their history and their panorama.

Last but not least there is Procida – probably a less touristic isle but still absolutely marvelous – it offers a breathtaking nature and a multicolored panorama of small characteristic houses: island of fishmen, still today it praises the perfect balance between tourism and local tradition, preserving in both cases an absolutely meticulous and worthy aspect. 

The Amalfi Coast defintely deserves to be discovered and explored: Unconventional Rome Tours presents many dedicated and customizable itineraries at the discovery of Capri and all the beauties characterizing the territory: ask further information or book your tour.

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