Which are the advantages of choosing an Unconventional Tour?

Which are the advantages of choosing an Unconventional Tour

Travelling has always been an “experience of life”: while travelling it is possible not only to discover evocative places and exclusive locations; but also to enrich oneself from an historical, cultural and traditional point of view. Experiential travel therefore makes the difference. It provides with memories, suggestions and emotions. It throws the tourist in a completely different yet so close and inclusive reality. 

Unconventional Rome Tours has always been working to propose unique and original itineraries, at the discovery of the bet the territory has to offer, beyond the traditional museums, monuments, squares and historical buildings. An Unconventional itinerary because it is a real experience.

What makes special an Unconventional Tour?

Unconventional Rome Tours’ priority has always been the satisfaction and enthusiasm of each customer. It has always committed its passion in the design of experiences able to make an impression, by catching the attention of each tourist willing to discover Rome and its territory and admiring each sites with different eyes.

Years of experiences have significantly contributed in the determination of “outside-the-box” tours that are suitable for “unconventional explorers” at the constant research of thrilling and stimulating adventures.

There is no better way to discover not only the Capital but also the entire Italian territory, where beauty is king.

Unconventional Rome Tour and its itineraries are characterized not only by the love for culture, history and art; but also by the desire to offer a “sui-generis product” where the perception of each monument, museum and touristic path requires a completely different approach from the standard guided tours.

An Unconventional tour is not static, yet dynamic and inclusive and able to make each tourist the absolute protagonist of an itinerary made up of original and direct experiences, of tastes, flavors, alleys, panoramas and a millennial history lost in the mists of time.

Unconventional Tours: why they make the difference

Unconventional tours are perfect for those who are willing to explore the most beautiful territories and are available in several languages: this means that they are suitable for tourists coming from each part of the world and won’t have any difficulties in understanding the narration.

Integral part of the tour are the storytellers and expert, professional guides, able to show in a creative and definitely original way the immense Italian patrimony.

Each tourist, thanks to Unconventional Rome Tours, has the possibility to live a special experience, in contact with the most significant characters of the past: it is the case of tour with actors, reenacting history in an emblematic way and making the tourist feel part of a real historical show absolutely engaging and evocative.

Wide range for customization

Unconventional Rome Tours offers a wide range for customization: each Unconventional tour in fact, can be tailor-made and designed to please the customer and satisfy all his needs.

It is possible to choose among individual tours at the discovery of the most beautiful historical and artistic piece of arts or the tastiest enogastronomic local itineraries:  the characteristics of each itinerary are variable because what matters is the actual engagement and enthusiasm the entire staff shares with the participant.

Satisfaction of whoever decides to trust Unconventional Rome Tours comes first. This proud stimulates everyday the staff in the creation of packages and tours always more attractive and originals.

Request now further information or a consultation aiming at the realization of your dream-like itinerary: the whole staff of Unconventional Rome Tour is always committed in offering you a unique experience meeting every request and need you may have.

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