What to see in Rome: monuments, historical squares and roman salons

It is hard to resume in few words Rome and the emotions this city is able to convey.

At the same time, those who admire it for the first time can’t help to get amazed by this marvelous historical and cultural context, born from a small settlement of shepherds on the Palatine Hill and from a she wolf who chose to spontaneously feed two babies as if they were her cubs.

This is the spirit that makes millions of tourists each year choose the Eternal City as the ideal destination.

A destination that, despite modernity, preserves its ancient enchantment through squares, salons and historic and artistic monuments and is still considered one of “the most beautiful cities in the world”.

Here is what you cannot miss when travelling to Rome, even if just for a weekend.

Colosseum and Pantheon

There’s no denying that Rome wouldn’t be the same without the Colosseum, its monument of excellence.

It was once known as the Flavian Amphitheatre, and still today it is the iconic symbol of the “Eternal City”: here, Romans used to assist gladiators’ fights, among wild beasts and naval fights simulations.

Emperor Vespasiano, founder of the Flavian dynasty, was strongly committed in its construction. The work was continued by his heir and celebrated in 80 A.D with 100 days of games.

Today, the Colosseum proves to be one of the most representative monuments in Rome, imposing its presence in the historic center.

Also the Pantheon undoubtedly deserves the right attention: according to the legend, this monument and its characteristic cupola rises in the exact place where Romulus was seized by an eagle and lifted up to the sky when he died.

The temple is dedicated to all divinities and was built by emperor Adrian between 118 and 125 A.D as a substitute of the precedent Marcus Agrippa’s temple.

Inside there are the graves of Victor Emmanuel II, Umberto I and Margherita of Savoy but the main characteristic of the building is definitely the immense hemispheric cupola presenting a typical hole called “oculus” allowing a natural lightning. 

Navona Square and Trevi Fountain

Visitors in Rome can’t help to admire the famous Trevi Fountain, another particularly significant symbol of the Eternal City.

Thanks to its breathtaking magnificence, throughout the years it has represented a magnificent movie set, becoming the stage of demonstrations and great parties.

In the same way, among the most important squares, it is impossible not to mention the wonderful Navona Square, the most beloved one by Romans and tourists.

A perfect place to entertain oneself while sipping a tasty aperitif among baroque sculptures and architectures. Placed where the ancient Domitian Stadium used to be, up to the XIX century it was the stage of many sportive and entertaining shows.

During the month of August instead, it was usually flood by closing the fountains’ drains in order to cool Romans. Today, it still preserves one of its main strong points: the Four Rivers Fountain, a piece of art by Bernini dating back to 1651.

The beauty of the Spanish Steps

You cannot visit Rome without strolling even for few minutes along the Spanish Steps. With its Trinità dei Monti Staircase made up by 135 steps, it looks like climbing up to the sky.  Wonderful location for fashion runways and famous protagonists of many movies, the Spanish Steps is still known and beloved all over the world thanks to its relaxing atmosphere made up also by millions of tourists sit on the steps. A definitely magical scenario.

The Vatican Museums and the St. Peter Basilica

The Vatican Museums are among the most renowned and complex museums worldwide: here in fact, some exclusive works of art dating back to the Greek and Roman era – like the Laocoön – as well as a rich Egyptian and Etruscan collection are preserved. The Pinacotheca preserves a priceless collection of paintings dating back to XII and XIX century, including the works of Raphael, Caravaggio and Leonardo da Vinci; without even mentioning the many incredibly frescoed rooms like the Borgias’ apartment made by Pinturicchio around 1490, the Raphael’s Rooms and the famous Sistine Chapel, one of the most celebrative artistic treasures worldwide created by the genius of Michelangelo. Every day, it is the destination of millions of tourists: it is not by chance that the frescoes of the Creation and the Universal Judgement are currently considered as the greatest pictorial masterpieces in art history.

Last but not least, the St. Peter Basilica that with its monumental façade accompanied by the famous cupola dominates the majestic colonnade surrounding St. Peter Square, Bernini’s architectural masterpiece. Here, the most renowned Roman and Baroque Renaissance artists realized masterpieces of incredible beauty like Michelangelo’s Pietà, making this place a destination not be missed both for pilgrims and tourists from all over the world. Rome has been preserving its enchantment for centuries: a majestic city, polished and refined treasuring in each monument, square, church or museum an endless but still modern and typical charm. Unconventional Rome Tours realizes original touristic itineraries conceived to show how much the city has to offer, inviting each tourist to admire it with different, curious and fascinated eyes.

Ask now further information: a team of professionals will be at your disposal to offer you the most appropriate itinerary and to show you the Eternal City exalted by its million, different facets.

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