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What to see in Rome: monuments, historical squares and roman salons

It is hard to resume in few words Rome and the emotions this city is able to convey. At the same time, those who admire it for the first time can’t help to get amazed by this marvelous historical and … Read More

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beer tour rome

Beer, secrets and history of this historic beverage

Golden color, a rich white lather and a pleasant slightly bitter taste:  these are the main peculiarities characterizing beer, a beverage almost as ancient as mankind and appreciated throughout millenniums. Integral part of many cultures, drunk with moderation, people appreciate this famous beverage for … Read More

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Which are the advantages of choosing an Unconventional Tour

Which are the advantages of choosing an Unconventional Tour?

Travelling has always been an “experience of life”: while travelling it is possible not only to discover evocative places and exclusive locations; but also to enrich oneself from an historical, cultural and traditional point of view. Experiential travel therefore makes the … Read More

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The Amalfi coast, a journey across one of the most beautiful coasts of Italy

The Amalfi Coast undoubtedly represents one of the most characteristic Italian coast traits of southern landscape: coasts perched over the sea, calettas and sea stacks characterized by crystal clear waters, colored houses make this natural context even more pleasant, representing one of the everlasting excellence … Read More

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Rome Craft Beer Tour: at the discovery of the homemade beer

We usually tend to erroneously think that only countries like Germany and Ireland are among the main producers of home-made beer. At Unconventional Rome Tours, we are ready to break down this conviction with our Rome Craft Beer Tour, a unique itinerary … Read More

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Rome Underground Tour: the enchantment of Roman underground

Each city, including the Capital, hides a real treasure in its underground, under the surface: Rome itself guards incredible treasures, the perfect evidence of what can be seen in the sunlight. However, this magnificence is often unknown for the majority of … Read More

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Wine tour: at the discovery of the best Italian wine

Would you like to taste the best Italian wine in the enchanting location of the Eternal City? Unconventional Rome Tours invites you to discover the Wine Tour, the itinerary dedicated to wine that will allow you to taste some of the most renown … Read More

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Capri Tour: at the discovery of the most beautiful island of Italy

The Amalfi Coast has always been a pearl, an intriguing part of the Italian territory. Tourists from all over the world love it, it represents a destination that undoubtedly deserves to be discovered and visited. For the sea lovers, those … Read More

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Guided Tour in Rome with actors

Unconventional Rome Tours introduces a definitely innovative formula dedicated to the most interesting and fascinating itineraries at the discovery of the “Eternal City”. Rome guided tours with actors to show the many aspects of the capital thanks to historical characters that throughout … Read More

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Vatican Museums Tours: which one to choose?

Vatican City treasures extraordinary and priceless works of art. Would you like to discover, admire and know them? At Unconventional Rome Tours, we organize guided tours, both private and small groups, that give the chance to visit the amazing Vatican Museums … Read More

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